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Webcam Shinkyo bridge

Shinkyo bridge is just over there.

Take a rest, in front of World Heritage shrine and temples of Nikko

Shinkyo is located in front of our Asaya Resthouse, and it makes you to have easier access to Toshogu shrine, Rinnoji temple, Futarasan shrine and other world heritage sites. You will enjoy viewing historical construction, the Shinkyo bridge, and having our original local product, yuba dishes. Only Asaya Resthouse can promise you this satisfaction.

Nikko yuba cuisine -Soy bean curd skin-

The restaurant opens on the 2nd and 3rd floor. We serve yuba with course menu, lunch box and noodles. Enjoy our original yuba cuisine with magnificent view of Shinkyo bridge.

Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop is on the 1st floor. You will find various local products there. Also, we will keep luggage for a fee.

Webcam Shinkyo bridge

Real time Shinkyo bridge is available for 24x7. The Shinkyo bridge has been renewed since April 2005, so more beautiful appearance will be available.