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Webcam Shinkyo bridge

Restaurant & shop

Huge floor,wide view and good taste.It's like an oasis.

A beautiful view through the window

Shinkyo bridge locates at the entrance of holy site of Nikko.
We, Asaya Resthouse stands by the Shinkyo bridge, and has clean and beautiful appearance. Also, we serve original dishes and souvenir at there.
Enjoy magnificent view of holy forest and Shinkyo bridge from our three storied building.

Coffee shop on the 1F
Restaurants on the 2F、3F
Tatami parlor
…60, 120 people of capacity
Table seat
…50, 120 people of capacity
Parking lot
…4 motor coaches, 20 cars

Delicious springwater of Nikko

The most delicious springwater in Japan in accordance with a reputation.
Priest Shodo, who started religious culture in Nikko, found the springwater at there 1200 years ago.
Also, monks offered it to the God, or Buddha.
The water source is from Mt. Nantai.